So we leave in the morning and this whole thing feels like it’s not real. I’m still wrapping my head around this.

It started off as a “digital nomad tour” where basically we were going to take off for the sake of taking off. We can up with this route based on what seemed like fun.

It wasn’t until after all this that I thought hey! Maybe we can meet some people along the way, and then boom, the Best Practices tour was born and boy has it attracted quite a lot of attention! It seems quite a few lawn care guys are pumped to get some insight into the lives of other guys like them across the USA, who would have thought! Cool!

Here’s where you can follow us. I’ve set up a GPS tracker so you can follow our route and say hi if we are coming through your part of the world!

Looking forward to seeing a lot of you! To those at home, I’ll miss you! Please stay in touch!!

Roadtrip 2017 – Cali or Bust

2017 Lawn Care Owner – Best Practices Tour