3 months in a car across the USA. This is going to be wild!

We both need to be out of our apartments by Friday afternoon as we both have renters coming in to replace us. Good pressure.

Yesterday Paulus saved my ass by helping me make a custom roof rack for my 3 door 2000 Ford Focus. The cheapest alternative I could find was over $700! Paulus made me (with my help) a beautiful one for $200. Woo! Such a relief to have that sorted.

Another benefit of meeting lawn care guys on this journey will be that it’s all tax deductible. B) Even the roof rack.

I haven’t even started packing yet.. Β Or cleaning the apartment. Once I realised that people genuinely seemed interested in this Best Practices Tour, I’ve been working day and night to make this something really special. I’m looking forward to bringing all us lawn guys a little closer… But it’s a lot of work!.. And so last minute x)

Here’s the video of Paulus effortlessly making some wooden mounts for me to make a roof rack for my car.
Paulus put on the Beach Boys since we’re going down south. Seemed appropriate. πŸ™‚