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Brand Enhancement

Expand the understanding and appreciation of your value

Bolt-on digital marketing for your growing business.

We look for unique businesses with inspired owners and help them do two things:

Increase brand power:
As your brand gets stronger it will attract the right customers.

Tell the story:
Your clients will understand and
appreciate the value your company provides.
Your prospects will learn that you are the authority in your market.

Digital marketing (done well) will:

Generate Leads,  Cultivate a Client Base,  Implement/Maintain High Standards,  Measure Client Satisfaction,  Analyse Competitive Markets

Client Intake

ChrisPenny101 is a boutique style, balanced, self-sustaining business.
Client satisfaction is more important to us than growth.
We carefully pick and choose the clients we work with.

Highly Customised – Detail Oriented – Proactive Customer Service –  Transparency
Pre-Auth. Monthly CC Billing – Cancel Anytime – You Own Everything We Build For You

We’re searching the world for business owners who are highly motivated to grow their businesses.

→ Businesses are established and have marketing budgets of at least $500 / month

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Professional Service

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What we can do for you - An introduction to ChrisPenny101's digital brand enhancement service

Hi, I’m Chris Penny, the guy behind ChrisPenny101.

There are a lot of Chris Pennys out there and about 36MM search results for Chris Penny, I’m proud to say I got my name to the bottom of the first page of Google in Ottawa in a couple months, I added 101 to the end to make it even easier to find me – just google Chrispenny101 and I pop right up – almost all the results on the first page will be my stuff – that’s just the start. All this to say, simple branding can go a long way. 🙂

We take a step beyond standard digital marketing agencies.  Our focus is not JUST about creating beautiful webpages that come up first on google searches, but to ALSO create compelling CONTENT.  Creating valuable content will make your website special. Client’s will recognize you as the authority in the subject.

It’s that extra twist that will help your company not only attract just any prospect but specifically your ideal prospects. You’ll feel comfortable and will be successful charging prices you feel are fair, regardless of your market norms.  Your clientele will fully understand and appreciate the value you are providing.

What are we the  best at? Capturing the essence of what makes your business special and making that essence shine. That same warm feeling people feel when you are interacting face to face is how they WILL feel when looking at your website.

Your website should be your #1 salesperson. There is no reason not to perfect the ideal landing pad for prospects.

Powerful stuff!

Did you know that Google is by far the first place people go when making a buying decision?

Does your company show up?

What if the prospect doesn’t know your company name? Do you still show up?

Does your company help online communities by answering questions?

Does it work to establish itself as a leader in your market?

Did you know that Google is much more likely to offer your site as a top search result if quality content is regularly uploaded to your site?

If someone was looking for advice about something your company specializes in, would you want to be the one to help out, or would you rather let someone else be the expert?  

Do all the little details that make you special shine through?

Does your company catch the attention of your ideal clients and compel them to buy from you?

Do your customers find you or do you have to go out and look for them?

Brand enhancement strategy - How do we do it

General Strategy

We take over responsibility for your digital presence. Our job is to depict the best aspects of your business and drive sales.

Nothing we do is secret – if you have a very small business and have the time to start working on this yourself, or if you’d like some tactical detail on what we do, please check out the Tactics category of our blog.

Everything starts with research.  It gets tested on a small scale and then it is rolled out based on the success of real data.

What do we do? First figure out who are your ideal prospects and how they are trying to find offerings like yours. We want to position your digital presence so that is appeals to them. Depending on where these people hang out online, or where they go for help, we then tailor your online identity and marketing plan so that it that gets their attention and brings them to your website..

We start responsibly by doing our homework.

Normally this means

  • a website audit,
  • keyword research (but wait, i thought keywords didn’t matter after the Google Hummingbird update) ,
  • and a digital competitive analysis of your top competitors’ digital presences.
  • We’ll look at your analytics and see if there is anything we can do to improve your conversion ratios.
  • We’ll set benchmarks and come up with specific KPIs. These include data points such as time on page, email subscriptions, sign-up forms submissions and e-commerce sales.

We use all this information to very clearly understand the position your company in your market and your website’s performance.

Once we have done our homework the next step is to update your current site and fix anything that may be hurting your SEO, branding, user flow, or conversions. No point in starting work sending traffic to a site that isn’t performing optimally. Usually this is a one off project. It can be done all at once with a one time bill or can be spread out over a few months to even cash flow. It all depends on what’s best for your business.

Some companies come to us with excellent sites and these are small jobs. Some come with archaic content management systems and their sites must be completely rebuilt. Some have no digital presence at all! For pricing information and other trusted information please sign in – coming soon.    

Once your site is state of the art, beginning to look like your best salesperson and a solid foundation for marketing efforts, we then begin the process of building out your off-page digital presence. This work involves building out and linking together a whole list of carefully chosen digital entities that exist elsewhere online that will help widen your prospect funnels.

We’ll now change gears to monthly maintenance and content generation mode. The goal here is to continually expand your funnels, optimize conversions, and continue to send traffic to your site all the while ensuring your brand’s reputation is being protected and all systems are up to date.

Search engine optimisation, social media, paid advertising, remarketing video marketing, email marketing, blogs / articles, content creation – we consider all digital marketing channels when putting together a monthly marketing plan for your business.

We utilise all facets of digital marketing depending on the goals of your business. I could be a long term investment style approach or it could be a short term burst if you have a specific launch. Our work is completely custom tailored for your business. We are not a one size fits all business. Just as you should be doing, we work to attract work where we can help the most and repel the stuff that would be better serviced by other businesses better tuned for it. More on the power of repelling business.

What it’s like working ChrisPenny101 - Steps and process

Sign Up process
Want it now? We can get going quickly.
Providing availability, this process can take less than a week.

CHECK Hear about us and wind up here on our website.

CHECK You’re interested but want to meet to discuss further.

OPEN BOX The next step is to let us know you’d like to arrange a meeting.

We’ll get back to you right away..

Discovery Meeting

This meeting is for us to meet in person or over video conferencing and discuss details of your business. This meeting will be take 1 hour. We want to learn as much as we can about your business so that we can help you decide if our service is the best allocation of your hard-earned marketing budget. We also want you to get a feel for what it will be like working with us. At the end of this meeting we will discuss pricing and budgets. If everything feels right we will then agree to move on to the proposal stage and schedule a proposal meeting in 2 or 3 days.

Proposal Meeting

We will ask that you set up an account with us and submit a small deposit before moving to the proposal meeting stage. We don’t require contracts from our clients and they may cancel services at any time. We require the deposit to ensure that you are serious about working with us and that it is worthwhile for us to generate a proposal for you. Customized proposals take 2 to three days to produce.

This will be a ½ hour meeting where we go through the details of your proposal, iron out any discrepancies, and answer any questions or concerns you may have about the plan.


Client Setup – Trello

First thing we do is set up your work board and import all the objectives and tasks from the proposal. We’ll show you how it all works. Basically this lets you see exactly where we are, what we are working on and what is coming up next on the project roadmap. You can add comments and even help us prioritize what we work on next. For real life examples of what these boards look like please check out our login section.

Setup Project

First thing we do is bring your current infrastructure up to date. This one off project is to make sure we are working from a properly set up foundation. There’s no point sending traffic to a site that isn’t converting well, or isn’t aligned properly with your goals and the market. We may also need to set up tracking, calls to action, email lists and off page accounts before we can begin your marketing program.

Recurring Marketing & Brand Enhancement Work

Once we are sure we have a solid foundation the monthly recurring marketing begins! This work consists of staying on top of your analytics and putting in effort toward enhancements that will provide the best returns. It also includes building your digital existence. This includes creating content, widening lead funnels and generally growing your presence online do that it’s continually touching more people.

Updates and Reporting

Complete transparency: We can keep you in the loop with as much or little information as you’d like. We’ll set up custom Google Analytics reports to be sent automatically so you will always be in the loop on all the KPI’s that matter the most.

Our shared Trello board will allow you to see what we are working on and what the next priorities are. You can contribute by commenting and helping us should we need it all in one place. All details of your account can be found there including any login info to anything we have online relating to your business, say for example you need access during an emergency.


Payment terms:

Our custom marketing programs run month to month. For payments we accept pre-authorized credit card payments set up through Freshbooks.

One off projects are billed 50% up front and 50% upon completion.


We require a deposit before creation of a proposal.

Cancellation policy

You may cancel services at any time and we will not charge your credit card again.


We do not issue refunds


Pricing is based on your budget and your goals.
We’ll work with you to establish a cost of client acquisition and new client intake rate that works for your business.

Experience With Branding

I ran a lawn and garden maintenance business from when I was 14 until a few months ago when I sold it. I’m now 28. In that time I franchised the company, built it up to a large scale operation with a dozen employees and 5 crews on the road. Lots of moving parts, plenty of fires to put out, and small margins. That’s when I started to get serious about branding.

From there I significantly increased the level of service we were providing, taught myself during the winters how to promote our services online, and essentially stopped 90% of our offline marketing while simultaneously doubling, sometimes tripling our pricing – while still selling so quickly that I was struggling to hire staff fast enough.

At that point when I realized I could do this, I had to find a way that I could help more business owners with the experience I had gained. It would also be a way to satiate myself with the marketing that I love for a bunch of companies at once, and wouldn’t have to be limited by other business constraints (like staffing).

It’s all about telling the story to increase the power of your brand, showing your market that you are the authority in your field.

The Power Of Branding

We know two things about sales.
People buy from people, and people buy emotionally. Your prospects will have a much easier time relating to you than to a faceless brand. In the end people buy emotionally, because it feels right. Telling your story and finding the magic behind your passion is what we work to have shine through your digital presence.

Experience With Traditional & Print Marketing

I have a lot of experience with print marketing. Xxx hundred thousand flyers distributed. Traditional marketing works but I’ve never had as good of returns. My experience from my first business that I ran for about 15 years.

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