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Lawn Care Copy

It’s really expensive to hire a good writer. I don’t know about you, but the one I want representing my company costs around $1/word.

This adds up quickly!

Don’t you just wish you could have someone help you with the writing stuff?
Emails, Letters, Follow Ups on people who haven’t paid, tricky situations
Ever noticed how big companies have created perfect responses for their customer service people to use?
This is just like that but for lawn care businesses specifically

All you need to do is copy and paste the document into where ever you need it and put in your personal details.

Now you can sound like a pro, and feel confident sending out big messages to your email list.

All Three Deal

Get a deal if you buy them all

We’re currently working on these products and would love your input. Have a tricky doc you wish was well worded to send your clients? Maybe it’s an aeration service upsell message to your clients who’ve never bought aeration before, maybe it’s a seasonal update notice that you’ll be blowing our your clients’ sprinkler lines soon? TELL US WHAT YOU NEED!

We’ll be offering a special deal to everyone who sends in serious requests. 🙂

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