This is a list of the most impactful realisations, lessons, ideas I have come across. In no particular order.

Minimum effective dose – consistency > dose size
Suffering is a choice – you can have pain without suffering
Law of averages
Boundary-pushing and cold showers
Clarity of goals
Clarity of mind / centeredness
Efficiency vs effectiveness – doing things right, doing the right things
Exponential technological advancement – jumping the curve
Death of the ego
Abundance mentality vs scarcity mentality – give, give, give, live, live, live
The value of time vs value of money – time freedom, location freedom,
True art divides, haters gonna hate, can’t please everyone, shouldn’t please everyone, if you’re not repelling you aren’t truly pulling
Fuck sales, be real, be good – and people will want you – push vs pull
If you can control your mind you can do anything
That whole ‘the secret thing, that’s about thinking the tight thoughts but they don’t tell you HOW to train yourself to do this
Mind control
Mindfulness is the answer
Different ways to practice
Some are easy some are hard. Same as working your body out you cam do the same w your mind