Hi Local Lawns Clients!

Thanks for clicking through from the email.

Welcome to my (Chris Penny’s) new website.

I’d like to tell you about my new business and how it grew out of Local Lawns. 

I’d also like to ask for some help (see bottom of page).

Chris Penny 101 Ottawa Local Lawns

A Local Lawns lawn sign from 2011

As you know Local Lawns has been around for a long time, I started it as a kid about 14 years ago!

To be honest, one of the hardest parts of running the business was finding new clients. In the beginning we spent endless hours knocking on doors and asking if people were interested in having someone look after their lawn. And then along came the internet and it changed everything. People started going online to look for the things they needed.

I realized early on that if I was more comfortable approaching businesses through the internet when I was looking for products or services, then others would soon be doing the same. The internet was obviously here to stay and I decided that spending my winters building my INbound selling systems (helping people to find us and sign up for our services online, as opposed to going out to find clients) would hopefully mean that we could spend less time facing rejection and interrupting people in their daily lives to grow our business.

Well guess what? It worked. For about the last five years now 90% of Local Lawns’ new business has come to us through our website. All we need to do is answer the phones and collect credit card information—a change that has allowed Local Lawns to focus a lot more energy towards delighting clients.
download_20160508_205742And over the years I’ve fallen in love with the magic of digital marketing. So it’s time. I’ve decided to make the leap and follow my passion. Local Lawns has been my baby for
such a long time and the decision to sell was incredibly difficult, but I’m so thankful that the timing was right for Kacper Waclawski to take over. I spent a lot of time vetting potential owners and was mostly concerned with finding a buyer who appreciated what Local Lawns is all about—honesty, integrity, and top quality service. Kacper is the right guy and I know he’s going to look after the business and keep everything running smoothly for you.

I’m excited that my new career will make me available to help other business owners enjoy the digital marketing methods that made Local Lawns so successful.

I want to thank you so much for your loyalty and appreciation over the years. Seeing happy clients was always been the most rewarding part of the job and I really appreciate all the kind words you’ve sent our way. It has been an honour to work for you and keep your properties looking beautiful.

All this being said, please keep in touch! I’d love to hear from you.

So how can you help?

If you appreciated my hard work over the years I’d really love it if you could take a moment to drop me a line. I’m working to build my own personal online presence after years of solely building that of Local Lawns.

The easiest way to help out? Connect with me on LinkedIn and write me an endorsement under the Local Lawns heading! You can find my profile here:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/chrispenny101

Lastly, if you know anyone who you think would benefit from a digital system to make their sales more efficient, or someone who is looking to attract more business let me know who they are! I would love to have a chat with them, discuss opportunities for their business and offer some insight on how digital marketing can move them forward.