My job is to find businesses who are not utilizing the Internet to its maximum potential.

Digital marketing, when done by an expert (or even better team of specialized experts) ALWAYS generates a positive ROI.

You can literally spend money to make money – reliably. There is no excuse for it not to be. When working online every action can be scrutinized in *perfectly* accurate detail. The numbers can’t lie ladies and gentlemen. (Yet so many of you don’t even have tracking set up on your stupid websites!!! Even more of you have it but still have no idea what’s going on because they don’t even look at them. Why even try at all if you’re just going to stick your head in the sand!?…. Sorry. Letting off a lil steam here.. )

Knowing all this!? Guess what. Businesses (in general) absolutely SUCK at this.

You can crush your competitors.

They are only just starting to catch on to what they are missing out on.

It’s an arms race folks. The older and more established your website becomes, the more prominent online it will be. If you want to dominate the market with your brand and attract a healthy amount of traffic, the time to get going with it is now.

When’s the best time to plant a tree?

20 years ago. Get on with it.

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It’s really not that hard or complicated. I taught myself the majority of this when I was 25 by Googling it.